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03:00pm 16/07/2002
mood: amused
I got aol insta messanger!!!! I will be online tonight at eight a clock with my bruther Kristian! I am helpin him get a live journal tooooooo because I'm nice!!!!
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02:20pm 16/07/2002
mood: confused
Mommy is lying again....Kristian is going to get me my spongebob dolly back!!!! Mommy, if you're not seeing spidey behind Daddy's back then WHY IS HE OVER AT OUR HOUSE ALL THE TIME AND WHY DO YOU KISS HIM!!!!! You're a liar Mommy, I hate liars!!! We're gonna have a broken home like Nathan has and its gonna be all your fault!
Kristian is going to take meeee to the park today. I wanna go visit Aunty Faye because she's always nice to us and makes us coooookies!!!!! yaaaaay!!!!
09:34pm 15/07/2002
mood: angry
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08:41pm 15/07/2002
  Mommy found out that I was running away and she yelled at me and sent me to my room. I would hop out the window and leave, but I'm not tall enough...

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12:28am 15/07/2002
  I got my suitcase packed and I'm ready to go. I hid the phone with no cord from Mommy and called up Daddy and told him that I still loved him a lot. I told him Frances and I were running away. I know, I squealed. I don't care. I don't think Daddy cares about me. Mommy and the man were laughing about Daddy and calling him names. She called him a "Fagg" what does that mean?  
Running Away From Home   
11:58pm 14/07/2002
  I don't like the man that Mommy is seeing behind daddy's back. He's ALWAYS around when Daddy is gone and Mommy has a bad attitude problem. I made a new friend. Her name is Frances Bean Cobain. Her daddy was a rockstar. He was the lead singer of Nirvana. He was really cool. I heard my daddy talk about his band before.

I'm not going to be living at home anymore because Frances and I are running away. No one cares about us, so we are going to run away, far away to Disney Land where everything is happy. I want to be happy.

We will probably leave tomarrow after Spongebob. I am going to use my power wheels to go pick her up from her Mommy's house in Beverly Hills. Or I will nab some of Mommy's money from her purse. I'm good at that!

I am glad that Frances is my friend. She is really pretty. Both of our Mommie's are insane. I am going to go pack my suitcase now.
11:38pm 14/07/2002
  Mom is being weird. I don't like it when she acts this way. She grabbed me by my hair today and pulled it hard because I said that I didn't like her kissing that man that always comes over when Daddy's away. I don't like him. I think his name is Spyder. Mommy said he's in a band called Powerman 5000. I think his band sucks. He scares me and Kristian. I want him to go away.